Transformational change

Organisations often struggle with the successful delivery of change or transformation programmes. Managing changes whilst your business transforms is key to ensuring the success of your programme and that you see the return on investment that you’re setting out to achieve.

At Sysdoc, we specialise in managing the impact of change at the operational level, with a focus on people and processes. We work with your people, so that they become the advocates for change and the driving force that strives for the success of your programme.

Our transformational change experts use the Sysdoc change curve, based on the original Kübler Ross version to help our clients understand the change process and what impacts need to be addressed to ensure a successful transition from how things are now to a defined new model and way of working, be it a technical or business driven change.

We have a proven methodology and a track-record of deploying cutting edge tools and techniques to deliver transformational change into an organisation. Our approach is to work with you to understand processes, people, organisation, culture, feelings and fears to ensure an appropriate programme of change is developed and delivered with senior management and staff buy-in.

Services include

  •   Change impact assessment
  •   Stakeholder engagement and management
  •   Change network on-boarding and engagement
  •   Business readiness monitoring
  •   Change transition planning
  •   Business adoption measures