Learning innovation

An organisation’s learning needs are as unique as their business. Culture, working practices, business priorities, locations, technologies and many other factors can present a complex set of learning challenges. Our training and eLearning is award-winning and delivered to the highest standards, incorporating the latest innovations and techniques on how people, learn, retain and recall information.

We tailor the learning to what you need and how your people will best learn from it. We can deliver training face-to-face, build eLearning, build mobile apps, create games, deliver webinars, create experiential learning spaces or simply provide coaching and mentoring, whatever will work for you and your organisation and will deliver the required learning outcomes.

Our learning innovation practice, built on 27 years of experience, means we design, develop and implement exceptional and innovative education programmes with the ultimate aim of improving business performance.

Services include

  •   Training strategy and needs analysis development
  •   Curriculum design and materials development
  •   Training management and logistics
  •   eLearning and mobile learning
  •   Training delivery
  •   SAP, Oracle and other ERP training
  •   Gamification
  •   Train the trainer
  •   Training evaluation