Kanban Board by Sysdoc

Manage your tasks via a new easy to use drag drop Kanban board.

SharePoint 2013 support for this app has been withdrawn from the store. If you wish to discuss getting access to this app directly for SharePoint 2013 please contact [email protected] or [email protected], alternatively you can call +44 203 002 4825.


The Sysdoc Kanban task board makes it easy to manage your tasks and their life-cycle. With new additions such as toggle theme, the latest Sysdoc Kanban Board makes prioritising and managing tasks within your team simple.

Fully integrated with SharePoint and utilising the slick drag drop interface you can:

  • drag and drop tasks between states,
  • set priority of tasks,
  • search and filter by people, priority, and tasks,
  • assign and reassign tasks,
  • create and switch between multiple boards,
  • indicate task progress,
  • understand and visualise your team's workload,
  • and filter by search terms, people or teams,
  • toggle between light/dark themes
  • assign tasks to groups as well as individual people

Clicking a task gives you the ability to manage the properties of a task and update it in real-time. You can also get a high-level overview of which individuals you have in your task pool and how many tasks they have been assigned.

How do I install the Kanban Board?

The Kanban Board is a SharePoint 2016/Online app however it will also work just fine in SharePoint 2013. It can be installed directly from the Microsoft SharePoint App store, it is not  however available as a  stand-alone downloadable package at present.

If you are using an older version of SharePoint you will not be able to use this application. If you do want a version of the application that works in SharePoint 2010 or older please contact us.

Can I install it on my local SharePoint environment?

Certainly! The Kanban board can be installed directly to a SharePoint Online site or to an on-premise SharePoint environment; this could be a development environment or your business production environment.

Where does the task data get stored?

All task data is stored on the site or sub-site that the app has been added to. All lists used or created by the Kanban Board app will be prefixed with Kanban- in the title to be easily identifiable. If you remove the app and re-add it at a later date, the app will automatically include any task lists found prefixed with Kanban- and make them instantly avaliable in the Kanban Board app.

Assigned tasks are not showing the "Assigned To" value or pictures aren't showing up

If the app in installed on-premise there can sometimes be issues with the domain or sub-domain the app is install on being different from your SharePoint environment. If you are getting problems with Assigned To usernames not showing up or missing pictures ensure that you have added the domain the app is running on to your Trusted Intranet sites either via your domain group policy or local machine (via Internet Explorer settings).

I’ve installed the Kanban Board but it isn’t working, help?

There can be a number of reasons for the app to not work. As the application uses modern technology only Internet Explorer 11 or newer is supported (as per Microsoft's 365 browser support policy), you will get a degraded experience in any browser older than Internet Explorer 11; Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera are all fully compatible.

If you are experiencing a SharePoint error or the application isn’t showing or appears to be showing incorrectly please contact us and provide the following information:

  • The browser you are using and the version
  • Are you using SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-Premise
  • Are you getting an error message? If so please provide the error message
  • A screenshot or screen capture of your issue and the steps you used to recreate the problem


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